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Bryan Wagoner Christmas Trees sells Fraser fir and white pine trees, wreaths, and roping, and live spruce trees.

  • Fraser Fir Christmas Trees
  • White Pine Christmas Trees
  • Handcrafted Christmas Wreaths
  • Fresh-Cut Roping & Garland
  • Wreath Hangers
  • Adjustable Tree Stands
  • Fir Christmas Swag
  • Live Spruce Trees

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While buying a Christmas tree is one of the greatest holiday traditions, please be mindful of the following when deciding to purchase a live tree:

1. Critters– Like all living plants, Christmas trees have the potential to be a host of insects. We do our best to make sure these trees are free of these critters but are unable to guarantee them being completely pest free, as they do grow in the wilderness.

2. Fire Hazards– Trees should be watered regularly (we recommend warm water to extend the life of your tree). Failure to water daily can make them a fire hazard, especially if you have decorative lighting on the tree. We take precautions by cutting the trees as late as possible to ensure your trees are as fresh as possible when they arrive at our tree lot.

3. Losing Needles– The needles will drop from a live tree, as it is no longer in the ground and it is part of it’s natural dying process. We try to delay the drying out process that causes the loss of needles by providing the very freshest trees available. We are able to do so since we are using trees grown on our own farms and not from a third party.

Regardless of the risks, a live Christmas tree will always be a tradition that brings family and friends together!

If you have questions and concerns, please feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff, and they would be happy to assist you!

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