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Bryans Christmas Trees Greensboro

Bryan Wagoner Christmas Trees is a tree lot in Greensboro, NC. We sell Fraser fir and white pine trees, wreaths, and roping. We also sell live spruce trees that are in a pot that can be replanted.

The tree lots will be open to the public the day after Thanksgiving at the New Garden Road location. The Guilford College lot will be closed due to construction.

New Garden Road Lot           336-323-7801
located at 1653 New Garden Road which is on the corner of New Garden Road and Horse Pen Creek Road.

We are a full-service Christmas tree lot and we are an environmentally conscious tree farm.

At the tree lot, we give fresh cuts on the tree that you select, then put the tree in a stand, and bale it in netting.

Real Christmas Trees

  • Support local North Carolina business & their employees
  • Renewable & environmentally friendly
  • Look and smell great!
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • Absorb carbon dioxide and emit clean oxygen!
  • Grown in Sparta, NC (if purchased at a Bryan Wagoner lot)

Fake Christmas Trees

  • Almost exclusively made outside of the United States (80% in China)
  • Made from nonrenewable petroleum and can contain lead or other harmful toxins
  • No smell or fake sent
  • End up in a landfill after an average of 5 or less Christmas seasons where they stay indefinitely
  • Huge carbon footprint including burning coal to produce and ship from overseas

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