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Benefits of Real Christmas Trees


Why Choose Bryan Wagoners Christmas Trees

  • Fresh cut trees
    • Every tree is given a fresh cut just before you take it home
  • Top notch service
    • Bring your stand and we will put it in the stand for you, bale it in netting, &
    • Help you load the tree in or on your car or truck
  • Support a local business
    • Bryan has been selling trees at his Greensboro tree lots for 30 years – since 1985
  • North Carolina grown trees
    • Our tree farm is located in Sparta, North Carolina
  • Regular fresh tree deliveries
    • Every few days
  • We also offer fresh wreaths &
  • Live trees for planting


Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

  • Real Christmas Trees look & smell better
  • Real trees are renewable & environmentally friendly
  • Fake trees are made from nonrenewable petroleum
  • Real trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen
  • Fake trees are manufactured almost exclusively outside of the United States

For more information on the benefits of real Christmas trees please visit the following links:

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